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Family Stories and Letters


My name is Sara Moore, and I’m mourning my oldest son Charlie. He died of Diffuse Midline Glioma, a rare, inoperable brain tumor, on August 31, 2018 at 11 years old. I am able to write this letter thanks to the immeasurable love of Jacob’s Heart and their selfless [...]


The day my beautiful daughter Amani was born I prayed, “Help me be a good father to this precious little girl; let me guide her, teach her. And, Lord, when the boys start coming around, please give me patience.” Seven years later, my wife and I were back at [...]


The day we were told that our smart, funny, two-year-old daughter, Effy, had cancer, my husband, James, and I were in a complete state of shock. We had no idea what this diagnosis would mean and how we were going to get through it. On that horrible, unforgettable day, [...]


Imagine hearing that your child had a bad case of asthma to later learn that it was a football-size tumor pressing against her lungs that was affecting her breathing. “No way, ever, ever, ever – even in your worst nightmare – could you think that could happen to your child.” The [...]

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