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Child / Teen of the Month

June 2019

Camp is the Greatest Place Ever, says Evan! The day everything changed... In the Summer of 2017, nine-year-old Evan was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and his world changed in an instant. After undergoing intensive surgery, little Evan spent three months in the hospital re-learning how to walk, talk, swallow, and move his arms and legs. Each day was an emotional struggle as Evan learned how to maneuver a [...]

May 2019

Meet Stella — She's One in a Million! Fifteen-year-old Stella was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called dysgerminoma when she was fourteen. Her doctors told her she was "one in a million"—because only one in a million people get this type of cancer Rare and generally responsive, dysgerminoma doesn’t usually return, but in Stella’s case the cancer did come back. Unfortunately, this was another rarity for Stella. This month we [...]

April 2019

Meet Pyper — Our Miracle Girl Miracles Really Do Happen Whether Pyper's story is a miracle that came from above, a miracle of modern medicine, or a miracle from a little girl with Pajama Super Powers, we are celebrating the miracle of Pyper... Six months ago, when two-year-old Pyper was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, chemotherapy began and surgery was scheduled to remove her right eye. But to everyone's surprise, the day she went in [...]

March 2019

Kiara — a Tween with a Mission At just 12 years old, Kiara was more thoughtful, determined, and philanthropic than most of us. Her grit and grace belied her years. We first met Kiara in late 2017 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Kiara had endured surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Cancer was just a part of her story Kiara was also a dancer, part of her school’s leadership team, [...]

February 2019

Meet Silas...he's all done with treatment. Silas is a courageous three-year-old who just beat cancer. The day Silas finished his treatment, he ran into the Jacob’s Heart Family Center, with Thomas the Train in hand, pulled down his t-shirt and yelled "Look guys, my port is gone!" During seven long months battling nephroblastoma, Silas and his family were not alone. Jacob’s Heart was by their side [...]

December 2018

Andrew Perez was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer, in his left tibia in April of last year. He required treatment multiple times a week for eight months at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. Shortly after Andrew began treatment, his mom, Tammy, reached out to Jacob’s Heart and was immediately offered practical financial help with gas cards and groceries...and he met Mariela , a counselor who met with him in his home. Mariela [...]

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