Jacob’s Heart meets families’ needs in wake of COVID-19

A local nonprofit is working to meet the needs [...]

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JHCCSS: They Help Teens and Tweens Too!

It has come full circle for Mariela Medina. As [...]

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Summer Fun for Packard Children’s Patients

Nestled in the redwoods of California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, Camp [...]

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Super Fun Run: Run at the Row

Santana Row was overflowing with superheroes on Aug. 18, [...]

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Bereaved Families Share Grief

Three years ago, Enrique Carrillo Jr. and Julie Hart [...]

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A Bright Light in the Carmel Community

It is rare that a young child finds a [...]

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Teen Cancer Survivor’s Challenge Earns $50,000 for Jacob’s Heart

The story of how Andrew Perez used his 4-H skills [...]

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Woman of the Year 2019

The Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture [...]

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A Beacon of Hope

The trauma of a child’s cancer casts a long [...]

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Twenty-four years ago, a local businessman in Aptos was [...]

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