April is National Sibling Month

Losing a Beloved Sibling to Cancer is a Unique Sorrow

And yet sometimes, amid the unimaginable pain, along comes a person who just gets it. This is what it means to be a Jacob’s Heart Forever Sibling.
This is the story of Shane and Nicky, Forever Siblings to Charlie and Alex. Two little boys grieving the loss of their big brothers…and doing it together.
This is the story of Jackie and Camilla. Two young girls missing their Forever Siblings Alejandro and Amanda….walking with one another side by side, hand in hand.
For every child who has experienced the incomprehensible agony of losing a brother or sister…This month is for you.

A Shared Experience Like No Other

Watching Shane and Nicky run through the Jacob’s Heart Forever Loved campground in a fit of mischievous giggles, you’d think the pair had known each other for years. Like Camilla and Jackie, they found a bond that defies explanation, a shared experience like no other. These are connections most people can never fully comprehend, but for Shane, Nicky, Camilia, Jackie and other children missing their siblings, Jacob’s Heart means the world, a safe place for their pain.
Jacob’s Heart’s Forever Sibling program exists to support these bonds; helping them flourish and grow throughout the unexpected waves of grief that will be in these children’s journey forever. Jacob’s Heart and Forever Siblings will be here.
By creating a community of love and hope, even in the darkest of times, Jacob’s Heart supports siblings and the unique challenges they face. Peer connection and a genuine understanding brings solace to our siblings which, ultimately, leads to healing.

April is National Sibling Month

Join us this April as we honor all the children that are deeply grieving after experiencing one of life’s greatest traumas. Help us foster connections for Shane, Nicky, Jackie, Camilla and many like them by supporting the Jacob’s Heart Forever Siblings program. You can help make sure these children are Forever Loved.
Your donation improves the quality of life for children with cancer and supports their families in the challenges they face.