Gabriella: March 2020

Let me introduce you to Gabriella

She’s a sweet mama’s girl with the spirit of a warrior.
When at just 18-months old, little Gabriella first became sick, the pediatricians thought it was just a bug. But, Mama knew deep down in her heart that something was wrong. After multiple visits to the doctor, the devastating news came: Baby Gabriella had cancer.
Gabriella’s mom quit her job to stay at her baby girl’s bedside at the hospital. Dad made long trips back and forth from Salinas to treatment in San Francisco. With the loss of income, money was tight for this young family; it made a tough situation even tougher.

Jacob’s Heart was there every step of the way!

Jacob’s Heart stepped in to help pay for rent and the mold abatement Gabriella needed to return home safely. Gas cards from Jacob’s Heart eased the burden of lengthy drives, and personalized care packages full of diapers, baby food and supplies got the family through each long and exhausting day. When the holidays rolled around, Jacob’s Heart made Gabriella’s first Christmas at home a celebration of gifts, joy and hope.

Gabriella is now cancer free!

With balloons, music and gifts, we will celebrate little warrior Gabriella’s triumph over cancer at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk next month. Join us in celebrating Gabriella’s triumph by supporting Jacob’s Heart. Together, we can make sure every little mama’s girl like Gabriella, has a fighting chance.

Gabriella was photographed by Lori Grimes of Photos from the Heart.

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