February 2020

Meet Kayden. He’s a true superhero.

He’s a little shy sometimes, but always playful and charming. He has a huge smile, big brown eyes and long lashes.

Kayden also has cancer.

Kayden is the youngest of seven kids – a big, beautiful family. He loves his Transformers and the Incredibles, but to Kayden, his parents are the real superheroes. And, all good superheroes need sidekicks when the going gets tough. That’s where Jacob’s Heart comes in.

How does Jacob’s Heart support Kayden’s family?

Jacob’s Heart shows up for Kayden and his family by providing groceries to keep them strong and healthy. When Kayden’s mom’s car broke down, Jacob’s Heart stepped in to provide comfortable, reliable transportation to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital so Kayden will never miss an appointment. Kayden and his siblings enjoy fun, relaxation, and connection at Jacob’s Heart…like learning yoga, going to the Boardwalk, and participating in a special 49ers training day.
But the most healing by far has been at Camp Heart + Hands, where even in the midst of cancer treatment, Kayden and his siblings get to play, swim, hike, climb and dance…with other kids just like them.
Kayden reminds us of what Jacob’s Heart is all about…bringing strength and hope in the midst of the unimaginable. Just like superheroes.

Kayden was photographed by Lori Grimes of Photos from the Heart.

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