August 2019

Emma turns two this month, and we’re over the moon with JOY!

When a family receives the horrifying news of a child’s cancer diagnosis, every day becomes a time for reflection and re-evaluation…every birthday is celebrated with a renewed sense of gratitude. That is why we’re over the moon as Emma celebrates her 2nd birthday this Saturday, August 17th.

A Mother’s Intuition

Emma was a calm and quiet baby, but at 18 months her mom, Liz, became concerned that Emma wasn’t as active and responsive as expected. Mom’s intuition was right; it was a tumor in Emma’s brain that was slowing her development and caused debilitating seizures. Emma’s family was devastated, their world shattered.

Fortunately, Emma and her family have found a family at Jacob’s Heart where their fears can be expressed, their grief held with love, and their day-to-day needs addressed as they move through the treacherous journey of childhood cancer.

Emma’s Confidence and Strength are Growing

Since her life-saving brain surgery Emma’s strength grows along with her love for Jacob’s Heart. With each new visit to Jacob’s Heart she’s coming out of her shell…and it turns out, she’s quite the social butterfly! She happily goes from one person’s arms to the next, snuggling with each of us as she talks up a storm.

Hearing Emma’s Giggles Brings Happy Tears

A few short weeks ago, Emma didn’t laugh, but now her sweet giggles bring tears to our eyes. Emma’s parents, Jorge and Liz are being transformed by the love, support and empowerment they have found at Jacob’s Heart. Emma’s big sisters, Genesis and Vanelody, have found life-long friends who understand what it’s like to be a cancer sibling; they’ve got a team of champions there to play and talk with them through the toughest times.

“Nobody knows how we feel…until you’re in the same shoes as the family sitting next to you.”

Liz, Emma's Mom