May 2019

Meet Stella — She’s One in a Million!

Fifteen-year-old Stella was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called dysgerminoma when she was fourteen. Her doctors told her she was “one in a million”—because only one in a million people get this type of cancer
Rare and generally responsive, dysgerminoma doesn’t usually return, but in Stella’s case the cancer did come back. Unfortunately, this was another rarity for Stella.
This month we are celebrating Stella’s good news: after being on and off treatment for a year, she’s done!.
Surrounded by Family, and Friends
Stella is astute, mature, intelligent and strong. She has an engaging sense of humor that emerges from her quiet persona.
Early in her cancer journey, Stella realized how much she needed the support of her friends and family. So, rather than isolate herself, as many teens do, Stella did the opposite and surrounded herself with people who helped build her confidence. While going through treatment, Stella’s caring friends encouraged her to not wear a wig when her hair thinned. They told her not to be afraid. So, with the strength of those around her, Stella held her bald head high and proud!

“If you know how to do something…don’t be afraid to DO IT!.”

Stella, Jacob's Heart Teen

Stella’s family bonds are strong; she is surrounded by the love of her parents, her two older sisters and younger brother. Her parents have sweet nick names for her—her mom calls herStella Star and her dad calls her Baby Nicole (Nicole is her middle name). The family shares a love of art, and Stella has created her own vibrant, psychedelic style

Making (Even More) Friends at the Jacob’s Heart Teen Group
Every month Stella makes new friends at the Jacob’s Heart Teen Group, where she’s buoyed by other teens who build her strength. Stella welcomes newly diagnosed teens to the group, reaching out and helping other teens who’re going though challenges similar to hers. It’s the love for others that truly makes Stella one in a million.