June 2019

Camp is the Greatest Place Ever, says Evan!

The day everything changed…
In the Summer of 2017, nine-year-old Evan was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and his world changed in an instant. After undergoing intensive surgery, little Evan spent three months in the hospital re-learning how to walk, talk, swallow, and move his arms and legs.
Each day was an emotional struggle as Evan learned how to maneuver a wheelchair and deal with impulse control. No longer able to play baseball, this resilient little boy developed a love for swimming, and with awe-inspiring tenacity, Evan began to rebuilt his physical strength with love and support from Jacob’s Heart.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for Jacob’s Heart. They have helped us get the ‘joy’ back in our lives and that is the best gift anyone can give.”

Laura, Evan's Mom
Camp Heart + Hands — better than Disneyland
When we asked Evan about the greatest place he’d ever been, we all thought he’d say Disneyland. But that wasn’t it. With a huge smile, Evan replied, “Camp Heart + Hands is the greatest place I’ve ever been.”
For the past two years, Evan has found indescribable joy at Camp Heart + Hands along side his Camp Family, a community of other courageous Jacob’s Heart kids, kind staff and volunteers, our beloved Dr. Fritz and a team of caring nurses from Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford who come to Camp Heart + Hands every year to cheer on kids like Evan.
This year Evan’s Camp Family saw exciting changes in Evan. We all watched with pride as he swam in the pool (in the rain), played on the slide, climbed the rock wall, and hung out with his friends. But Evan’s biggest triumph was his ability to walk on his own.
You can only imagine how proud we all were when, on a beautiful camp morning, Evan hiked all the way up to the mountain summit without his wheelchair!

“Camp Heart and Hands is something we all look forward to for months. Evan counts down the days until the next camp! It allows us to take a break from life’s hectic schedule, to have that great quality family time, to make new friends and connections, and most importantly to just have a great time!” 

Laura, Evan's Mom
A strong and supportive family…
Laura and Adam, Evan’s mom and dad, are proud of the improvements Evan makes every day. Aaron, Evan’s older brother and biggest champion, always knows how to make Evan laugh and smile, cheering him on even during the toughest days. The ongoing love and support from Jacob’s Heart helps the family stay strong as Evan builds more strength and awaits next year’s Camp Heart + Hands.
Imagine what Evan will have in store for all of us at Camp next year!