April 2019

Meet Pyper — Our Miracle Girl

Miracles Really Do Happen
Whether Pyper’s story is a miracle that came from above, a miracle of modern medicine, or a miracle from a little girl with Pajama Super Powers, we are celebrating the miracle of Pyper…
Six months ago, when two-year-old Pyper was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, chemotherapy began and surgery was scheduled to remove her right eye. But to everyone’s surprise, the day she went in for surgery, Pyper’s medical team noticed that her retina had started to reattach! Pyper’s doctor said it was the most impressive response he’d ever seen after only one round of chemo.
So, Pyper’s surgery was postponed. Now, finishing her last successful round of chemo, Pyper will keep her eye and may even get her peripheral vision back. That’s a miracle we all can celebrate!
Pyper’s Super Powers
Not only did Pyper have a miraculous response to treatment, she has super powers of her own. She gets them from her favorite superhero adventure show, PJ Masks. Pyper loves to put on her pajamas and watch PJ Masks, where she, along with her dog and stuffed toys, learn important life lessons and grow their super powers.

“Jacob’s Heart has made not having family near a little bit easier.”

Pyper's Mother
Jacob’s Heart—A Family of Families
Pyper and her family left their extended family behind in Indiana when they moved to Greenfield about six months before she was diagnosed with cancer. Pyper’s mom is a traveling nurse and works in Salinas. It’s been difficult having their family on the other side of the country, but Jacob’s Heart has become Pyper’s California family, providing emotional, practical and financial support including; valuable resources, counseling support, gas cards to get Pyper to UCSF for treatment 150 miles away, grocery gift cards, extra food staples through the Jacob’s Heart Food Pantry Program, and love from Mary, Pyper’s favorite Family Support Specialist.

In May, Pyper and her family will get to go to Camp Heart + Hands where she’ll meet and play with other kids just like her. We can’t wait for Pyper to see the enormous camp pool where she’ll show us her newly acquired water skills and maybe a super power or two.

“Jacob’s Heart has taken some of the stress away, allowing us to focus more on getting our girl better. This means the world to us.”

Pyper's Mother