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Bereaved Families Share Grief

Three years ago, Enrique Carrillo Jr. and Julie Hart said goodbye to their first and only daughter at the time. Emily was six years old when she lost her battle to cancer. Julie says Emily's diagnosis came out of nowhere, with Emily passing away a year within her diagnosis. Sara and Kelly Moore described their son as someone who was full of life and made friends everywhere he went. It was that reason that [...]

A Bright Light in the Carmel Community

It is rare that a young child finds a strong sense of purpose. But Kiara Hinze, of Carmel, seems to have an inherent passion for philanthropy, not to mention strong leadership characteristics. Hinze who currently attends Carmel Middle School, has an innate ability to champion causes she believes in and rally a strong community of support. "In the fifth grade, at Carmel River Elementary School," her mother Brenda recounts, "Kiara and her class presented [...]

Teen Cancer Survivor’s Challenge Earns $50,000 for Jacob’s Heart

The story of how Andrew Perez used his 4-H skills to raise $5,000 for Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Support Services - the organization that gave him strength during his cancer fight - has created a groundswell of support, with the community raising another $50,000 in less than five weeks as part of Andrew's campaign. The teen was so moved by the response to his fundraising challenge that he plans to raise another $5,000 this year to jump-start a second donation drive. [...]

Woman of the Year 2019

The Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture has announced the recipients of its 2019 Annual Awards. These special locals have helped make Santa Cruz County a better place to live, love, work and play. Woman of the Year: Lori Butterworth Lori started Jacob’s Heart in 1998 at her kitchen table when her friends’ son Jacob was diagnosed with leukemia and has since built the organization from the ground up. Under her leadership, Jacob’s [...]

A Beacon of Hope

The trauma of a child’s cancer casts a long and fearful shadow across a family — fraying nerves, stressing budgets and exhausting options. Jacob’s Heart knows it can’t cure disease. But the Watsonville-based organization does the next best thing by lending a helping hand to ease families’ Job-like series of trials, offering emotional, practical and financial support for families of 325 suffering children, from Boulder Creek to King City. Some families just need advice [...]


Twenty-four years ago, a local businessman in Aptos was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. As the cancer progressed, he was unable to work or support his family as the holidays approached. Our community put on a spaghetti feed and the money collected went to help his family. Patrice Edwards, of Times Publishing Group, Inc., and a friend worked tirelessly to collect toys, food, clothes, rent money, and more to carry his family through the coming [...]

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