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Family Stories and Letters


The day my beautiful daughter Amani was born I prayed, “Help me be a good father to this precious little girl; let me guide her, teach her. And, Lord, when the boys start coming around, please give me patience.” Seven years later, my wife and I were back at [...]


The day we were told that our smart, funny, two-year-old daughter, Effy, had cancer, my husband, James, and I were in a complete state of shock. We had no idea what this diagnosis would mean and how we were going to get through it. On that horrible, unforgettable day, [...]


Imagine hearing that your child had a bad case of asthma to later learn that it was a football-size tumor pressing against her lungs that was affecting her breathing. “No way, ever, ever, ever – even in your worst nightmare – could you think that could happen to your child.” The [...]


“He’s my hero! Never once has he said, ‘I give up;’ he’s always trying and he doesn’t complain. He’s so positive. He has empathy for people. Like, if someone is crying, he will go up and ask them what’s wrong or give them a teddy bear or something out [...]

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