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Child / Teen of the Month

Emilio: May 2020

Meet Emilio, His Smile Will Melt Your Heart! Let me introduce you to a two-year-old boy with a smile that will melt your heart…and there is no doubt, his irrepressible spirit in the midst of difficult times, will inspire you. Born with Down syndrome and serious accompanying complications, Emilio has spent much of his young life in and out of the hospital. Despite a recent pre-leukemia diagnosis on top of other health [...]

April is National Sibling Month

Losing a Beloved Sibling to Cancer is a Unique Sorrow And yet sometimes, amid the unimaginable pain, along comes a person who just gets it. This is what it means to be a Jacob’s Heart Forever Sibling. This is the story of Shane and Nicky, Forever Siblings to Charlie and Alex. Two little boys grieving the loss of their big brothers...and doing it together. This is the story of Jackie and Camilla. Two young girls missing their Forever Siblings Alejandro and [...]

Gabriella: March 2020

Let me introduce you to Gabriella She’s a sweet mama's girl with the spirit of a warrior. When at just 18-months old, little Gabriella first became sick, the pediatricians thought it was just a bug. But, Mama knew deep down in her heart that something was wrong. After multiple visits to the doctor, the devastating news came: Baby Gabriella had cancer. Gabriella’s mom quit her job to stay at her baby girl's bedside at [...]

February 2020

Meet Kayden. He's a true superhero. He’s a little shy sometimes, but always playful and charming. He has a huge smile, big brown eyes and long lashes. Kayden also has cancer. Kayden is the youngest of seven kids - a big, beautiful family. He loves his Transformers and the Incredibles, but to Kayden, his parents are the real superheroes. And, all good superheroes need sidekicks when the going gets tough. That’s where Jacob’s Heart [...]

August 2019

Emma turns two this month, and we're over the moon with JOY! When a family receives the horrifying news of a child's cancer diagnosis, every day becomes a time for reflection and re-evaluation...every birthday is celebrated with a renewed sense of gratitude. That is why we're over the moon as Emma celebrates her 2nd birthday this Saturday, August 17th. A Mother's Intuition Emma was a calm and quiet baby, but at 18 months her [...]

July 2019

Two Years of Treatment, Two Stem Cell Transplants, Only 3 Years Old Diagnosed with Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, a rare and serious form of childhood cancer, Eva has spent two years of her young life undergoing intensive treatment. Thankfully, Eva and her family have the support and love of Jacob's Heart to guide them through the long, treacherous journey. Eva and her mother live more than two hours away from her treatment at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital [...]

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