March 2019

Meet Kiara — a Tween with a Mission

At just 12 years old, Kiara is more thoughtful, determined, and philanthropic than most of us. Her grit and grace belie her years. We first met Kiara in late 2017 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Kiara has endured surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Cancer is just a part of her story
Kiara’s also a dancer, part of her school’s leadership team, and a member if the Women’s Volleyball team at CSUMB.
Through her experience, Kiara has discovered her voice and uses it for good. A passionate advocate and champion for children’s cancer awareness, this once timid powerhouse now speaks at City Council meetings in Carmel and Pacific Grove. Kiara inspires others to help – recently raising $700 for Jacob’s Heart in honor of her birthday.
What does Kiara love most about Jacob’s Heart?
She loves receiving cards our volunteers send each month, especially when they arrive with pages to color and keep her busy at the hospital. The fun to be had at Camp Hearts + Hands, and the thrill of being named Belle of the Ball at the Golden Gallop (our annual 5K fun run) are also among her favorites. But, what she loves most, is the opportunity to spread awareness about what it’s like to be a kid with cancer.

Kiara and our Director of Family Services recently spoke with the entire student body at her school. Kiara spoke openly about her cancer – helping her classmates better understand what kids with cancer go through and allowing them to ask questions. What an empowering and meaningful experience for all!

“She now knows her voice matters and she wants to encourage others to use their voice as well.”

Brenda, Kiara's Mother