Twenty-four years ago, a local businessman in Aptos was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. As the cancer progressed, he was unable to work or support his family as the holidays approached. Our community put on a spaghetti feed and the money collected went to help his family. Patrice Edwards, of Times Publishing Group, Inc., and a friend worked tirelessly to collect toys, food, clothes, rent money, and more to carry his family through the coming months. This was the birth of Aptos-Adopt-a-Family.

Over the years there have been hundreds of stories, and thousands of gifts. Gifts of wheelchairs, a handicap accessible van, lifts, food, clothes, toys, bikes, rent—gifts that helped many a family enjoy the holidays.

This year, Aptos-Adopt-A-Family is partnering with Jacob’s Heart. Started in 1998 by Lori Butterworth when her friends’ son Jacob was diagnosed with leukemia, she has built the organization from the ground up. Under Lori’s leadership, Jacob’s Heart has grown from serving one child with cancer 19 years ago, to a nationally recognized model of community-based pediatric palliative care serving hundreds of children and thousands of family members each year. Aptos-Adopt-A-Family is proud to offer the community the opportunity to adopt families from Jacob’s Heart through the holiday season.

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December 3, 2017